Ground Force Day (Part 1) - Saturday 2nd March 2019

Ground Force Day (Part 1) - Saturday 2nd March 2019

By Ben Shuttleworth
19 February
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Volunteers needed! Yes its Ground Force day! And there are so many jobs to be done...

With glimpses of sunshine and the temperature slowly rising, yes the cricket season is just around the corner. There are however many jobs that need to be done before the ground and pavilion can host the first scheduled cricket match on Saturday 20th April.

Yes its Ground Force day! And there are so many jobs to be done that we have had to arrange two ground force days to increase our chances of getting everything done.

We are asking for as many club members and kind volunteers to give up some time to help prepare and maintain one of the best grounds in the Midlands, and we would like to keep it that way.

What: ARPCC Ground Force Day (Part 1)
When: 10am - 6pm - Saturday 2nd March 2019

If you cannot assist on Saturday the 2nd March then Ground Force Day (Part 2) will be taking place on Saturday 13th April. We would really appreciate your help.

List of jobs to be done:

  1. Sight screens – 2 people, 2 wire brushes (take off the flaky paint, especially bottom structures and rub down rust), and 2 paint brushes apply the new ‘Brilliant White Paint’;
  2. Back wall of the pavilion (green wall) – 2 people, 2 wire brushes, rub down the wall so that it is ready to paint;
  3. Internal wall (corner, where lost property normal goes and near the new fridge) – 2 people, 2 scrapers, pull all things out of the way and scrape the walls, so that they can then have primer applied to them and then paint. Please hoover the floor after to keep mess to minimum;
  4. Internal area of score box – same as above with scrapers and 2 people;
  5. Check area of new grass seed (old mound) - apply more seed if acquired/necessary. Pick up stones here that have come to the surface;
  6. Leaves at entrance – 2 people, 2 wheelbarrows and shovels and move all to back of clubhouse;
  7. Leaves around the boundary – same as above;
  8. Finish mowing the top slope area and use rake to collect cuttings, wheelbarrows and move cuttings to back of clubhouse;
  9. Roller (don’t know how to use this yet, takes diesel) – square needs huge amount of rolling if not soaking.
  10. Photos – 2 tables, one with all memorabilia of the old days and one with photos of anyone still playing (ie. Strainy). The wall by TV will be repainted and this will be the memorabilia wall and around the bar, door etc will be current players (this year we need to get more photos, anyone willing to organise and get framed?)

If you have any questions or could spare your time on a different day, please contact:

Russell Jones (Head Groundsman)
Mobile - 07904 637 405
Email -

Darren Turner (Club Captain)
Mobile - 07747 271925
Email -

We look forward to seeing you all there!

The Alcester & Ragley Park Cricket Club Committee

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