Michael Coombs is an opening batsman and a specialist fielder in the slips and is again a Ragley youth graduate. From the Tom Wright ilk of carnage and disorder he enjoys disrobing at any point in time with no warning.
Name: Michael Coombs
Age: 22
Nicknames: Minnow, Little Fish, Noddy, Ugly Betty (when i had braces), Coombsie
Best Batting: 103 vs Norton Lindsey, 88* vs Skegness, 87* Bidford on Avon
Best Bowling: 6-13 against Bangladesh on the Playstation! 1 for 1 off 1 against Temple Grafton
Best Cricket Moment: Getting first (only) hundred, First 50
Worst/ Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment: Shouting 'Well Played' instead of 'waiting' whilst playing a forward defensive!
Cricketing Heroes: Adam Devey, Trooper, Gary Strain, Steve Coombs (Daddy), Freddie Flintoff, Kevin Pieterson
Worst ARPCC Dress Sense: Paul West, Ben Shuttleworth
Biggest ARPCC Joker: Adam Peachey's whole life is a joke!
Best ARPCC Drinker: Gary Strain, Big Fish can drink but Gary Strain wins it because he doesn't soil himself on a regular basis! Tom Wright is on his way up the ranks!
Worst ARPCC Drinker: Steve Capron
Best ARPCC Batsman: Gary Strain, Hate to say it but Ad Warbrick is pretty good!! Me if I man up!
Best ARPCC Bowler: Mark Woolley, Tim Whitmore is going to be quality!