Gary Strain has retired and returned more times than Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher and Lance Armstrong combined. A very reliable Batsman with a very unreliable body Gary was primarily wicketkeeper of the First XI up until recently when youthful exuberence of the juniors overtook his wealth of experience. Gary also manages to turn his arm on the odd occasion although the less said the better.
Name: Gary Victor Strain
Age: 44 and counting
Nicknames: GVS, Nobby, Strainy, Garfield
Best Batting: 161 Vs Bidford, 160 Vs Broadway, 139 Vs Bredon, 134 Vs Bredon
Best Bowling: Too numerous to remember! Most Notably 5-15 Vs Barton St. David. Hat Trick Vs Antsy
Best Cricket Moment: Opening the batting on test match ground (Galle) while touring Sri Lanka
Worst/ Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment: Numerous - including given out LBW to a one armed bowler on tour (however he did bowl with his good arm & GVS claimed to hit it), pole vaulting on bat whilst taking a quick single & being hit for six back over head off first ball of innings vs. Australian touring team, Shepparton - asked to be taken off before the end of the first over.
Cricketing Heroes: Mick Page (anyone who passes snuff around in the slips must be a lord) , Roy Randall (miracle to modern science) , Pete Clark (curator of the finest ground in the universe) also Gordon Greenidge & Sachin Tendulkar (not bad batsmen)
Worst ARPCC Dress Sense: Paul West by a country mile
Biggest ARPCC Joker: Peachey (only got to watch him bat)
Best ARPCC Drinker: I'm trying hard but still Roy Randall
Worst ARPCC Drinker: Adam Peachey
Best ARPCC Batsman: Shaun Quirke (Stats say it all)
Best ARPCC Bowler: Marc Woolley