A master with a Blade(of a knife), and absolute demon with a new Cherry (Tomato), Craig Weale is the greatest player never to have played for Alcester and Ragley. When not bowling demon darts or causing unbridled carnage with the bat he is usually found tea making.
Name: Craig Weale
Age: 23
Nicknames: Tea Man, Tea Lady.
Best Batting: Causing carnage in a pub match, hitting numerous 6's: 29*
Best Bowling: Hitting the stumps in a bowl off.
Best Cricket Moment: Single handed catch at that was absolutely mullered at me at square leg at school. Winning the Pub 6-a-side. The carnage at Feckenham in the pub match. Also my first ever Teas
Worst/ Most Embarrassing Cricket Moment: Bowling in matches
Cricketing Heroes: Stephen Capron, Michael Coombs and Tom Wright
Worst ARPCC Dress Sense: Rick Allan's Dad
Biggest ARPCC Joker: Tom Wright
Best ARPCC Drinker: Gary Strain and Tom Wright
Worst ARPCC Drinker: Adam Peachey and Tom Morris
Best ARPCC Batsman: Ricky Allan
Best ARPCC Bowler: Marc Woolley